Lastovo, CROATIA

Implementation of a Blue Business Incubator

Environmental description
The Lastovo archipelago, composed of one main island and 43 islets, is the most remoted of Croatia. The whole archipelago is clasified as National Park. The marine environment includes cliffs and caves with rich biodiversity. There are 400 permanent inhabitants and the island is very frequented by nautical tourism during the summer. The major activities are tourism, agriculture, and artisanal fisheries. 

blueseeds mission

In collaboration with WWF Adria, BlueSeeds is developping a Blue Incuabator to foster local entrepreneurship with positive social and environmental impacts. This incubator is based on the Blue Economy principles.

Main territorial challenges



WWF Adria, PEAK, ETHICAL BANK, SMILO, Lastovo National Park, Municipality of Lastovo, ImpactHub

WWF Lastovo


Status of the 6 pillars of sustainability
of conservation measures in Lastovo

  • Development and implementation of an innovative incubator process (Blue Local Incubator)
  • Development of a network of global, national and local partners (Public & Private)
  • Research and development on aggregated theory of change
  • Reception of 18 proposals for Blue Business

Next steps

  • Selection of Blue business (February 2020), Incubation phase (March – June 2020)
  • Launch of Blue businesses
    in Summer 2020
  • Second Call for Blue Business
    in Autumn 2020