BlueMooring: the mooring booking platform

As part of the “incubator” project funded by MAVA, and to support MPAs in optimizing their sources of income, Blueseeds researches and develops innovative solutions:

The first to emerge is the project.

It is a 100% free platform for MPAs allowing both to control the management of moorings, to automatically collect fees and to communicate more effectively to visitors. This platform is coupled with an application intended for boaters allowing them to book and pay for anchorages while discovering the conservation actions carried out by the MPA.

More info in the following video:  

Today, we are looking for AMP pilots and partners with whom we will adapt the features of BlueMooring from the next 2021 season.

A first version of the platform BlueMooring is online since July 2021!

You are an AMP manager and our platform interests you?