Visitor Fees – Support Programme

To help MPA managers develop and diversify revenues, we published a practical guide on MPA financing mechanisms. We wish to go further and support directly MPA managers in the implementation of such financing mechanisms.

This support program – the first of several to come – is dedicated to the visitor fees mechanism. With more than 320 million tourists visiting the Mediterranean every year, the visitor fees mechanism appears as one of the most adapted to MPAs of this region.

Do you work for a Mediterranean MPA and need sustainable financing solutions to support your conservation actions? Discover below the content of our support program. Feel free to apply!

Through this programme, we will lead you, step-by-step, through the different processes resulting in the final implementation of visitor fees in your MPA.

Support programme - Steps and tools

This support program is part of the Co-Managed No-Take zones/MPAs project conducted in collaboration with: