Al Hoceima, MOROCCO

Evaluation of Revolving Fund for Sustainable Fishing

Environmental description
Al-Hoceima MPA is located in the Alboran Sea and is composed of limestone cliffs, caves, and wild rocky coasts. The area is considered as an ultimate refuge for the original biodiversity of the Mediterranean due to the difficult accessibility of cliffs and small beaches and has fish stocks that nurture the different types of fisheries.

blueseeds mission

The NGO AGIR, thanks to the support of the MAVA Fundation, set up a revolving fund dedicated to fishermen to support the transition towards a more sustainable fishery. BlueSeeds conducted an evaluation of this financial mecanism to assess its efficiency, sustainability and replicability.

Main territorial challenges



association agir


Status of the 6 pillars of sustainability
of the revolving fund

  • Test of the BlueSeeds’ evaluation of projects for funders
  • Development of an adapted methodology of evaluation

Next steps

  • Proposal to support the association AGIR and to improve the impact and sustainability of the revolving fund
  • Proposal to capitalize the project first phase in order to replicate the fund