Sinis, ITALY

Diagnosis focused on anti-trawling system

Environmental description
The MPA established in 1997 is composed of the Sinis Peninsula and the Madl di Ventre Island. It is managed by the municipality of Cabras. The coast is characterized by beaches and cliffs. Seabeds are of a wide morphological variety that favors the presence of species and the formation of different habitats like Posidonia meadows, pre-coralligenous and coralligenous formations. There are also underwater archaeological remains.  

blueseeds mission

BlueSeeds conducted a first Mission in Cabras, focused on Posidonia issues, and is currently working with local stakeholders on anti-trawling systems, ways of decreasing leisure anchoring and the development of local blue solutions.

Main territorial challenges



MPA management unit & MedSEA foundation


Status of the 6 pillars of sustainability
of conservation measures in Sinis MPA

  • Recruitment of volunteers for anchorage monitoring during the summer
  • New meeting between MPA, MedSEA and the fishermen about anti-trawling system location

Next steps

  • Local incubator for Blue Business
  • Sustainable financing mechanism for the implementation of a second round of anti-trawling blocks
  • Work for integrated management for the area