Assess the management effectiveness of your MPA

Evaluating the management effectiveness of your marine protected area (MPA) is the very first step towards more sustainability in your conservation actions.

Intended for MPA managers, the BlueDiagnosis is a tool developed by BlueSeeds to evaluate the management effectiveness of your marine protected area.

Simple and quick-to-use, the BlueDiagnosis gives an overall picture of the health of your MPA, from its management perspective, and identifies strengths and areas for improvement.

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Assess your MPA according to 5 pillars

Get results on your sustainability potential

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1. Ask us for the tool

2. Assess your MPA according to 5 pillars

3. Get results on your sustainability potential

4. Discuss and find solutions with us

Evaluate your MPA’s health according to 5 pillars of sustainable management

The BlueDiagnosis allows assessing the management effectiveness of a MPA following 5 main pillars of sustainability: Environment, Finance, Partnerships, Team and Innovation.

The manager evaluates the strengths or areas for improvement of their MPA for each of these pillars according to 3 categories of indicators:

  • Fondation: indicators which are essential for any MPA.
  • Resilience: indicators related to the capacity of the MPA to be resilient.
  • Potential: indicators related to the yet unharnessed potential of the MPA.

Built on BlueSeeds’ experience working in the field and with MPA managers, the BlueDiagnosis can be distinguished from other evaluation tools by the speed of the evaluation (around 1 hour) and the autonomy required for the evaluation, which can be done alone by the manager.

The BlueDiagnosis is a scorecard assessment tool. For each indicator, the evaluator may choose between two answers. Comments are added next to each answer.

The BlueDiagnosis can also be distinguished by its measure of the durability and sustainability of a MPA, rather than its impact. This is reflected in its indicators that are not just limited to conservation actions, but also include its internal organisation, collaborations, financial stability or openness to change. In other words, the BlueDiagnosis seeks to evaluate a MPA globally and over the long term.

A quick self-assessment tool for your marine protected area

Identify areas of improvement with our team

Once the manager’s assessment is complete, the output is an evaluation of the management effectiveness summarised by a figure.

BlueSeeds then arranges a short appointment with the manager to talk about his/her answers and possible avenues of improvement.

This tool has proven multiple times to be a fruitful base for discussions, giving MPA managers a new perspective on their management practices and strategy.

They assessed their MPA

So far, about 30 MPA managers of the Mediterranean Basin have tested the BlueDiagnosis by interest, or during BlueSeeds’ trainings in these regions.

Some of them offered feedback.

Alice Baghdadi

Manager of the marine protected area of Hima Anfeh, Lebanon

Mouloud Benabdi

Consultant in the classification and management of Algerian marine portected areas

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This tool was developed in the framework of the Co-Managed No-Take zones/MPAs project conducted in collaboration with: