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Thomas Binet

Thomas holds a PhD in Marine Environmental Economics (Portsmouth, UK) and is an agricultural engineer from AgroParisTech. Specialised in the management of marine natural resources, he has worked as an analyst at the OECD and the Institute for European Environmental Policy in London on European fisheries policies. He was a researcher at the Centre for Aquatic Resource Economics and Management at the University of Portsmouth. He is interested in innovative ways to reconcile nature and economy, by taking biodiversity into account in development strategies, approaches to bio-inspired economics, and financing mechanisms for the conservation of marine ecosystems. Since 2011, he also manages a farm specialized in organic arboriculture, viticulture and cereal growing. Already founder and director of Vertigo Lab, a consultancy firm in Environmental Economics, Thomas is also the founder of BlueSeeds.

Adèle de Toma​

Graduated as a marine biologist, Adèle also holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Environment from the University of Aix-Marseille. She started her career in Mauritius, specializing in the management of tropical marine resources and ecosystems. In the Indian Ocean, France and French Polynesia she has worked as project manager, consultant, entrepreneur and international project manager at the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC). Her multiple experiences have enabled her to develop several areas of expertise: marine mammals, coral reefs, marine protected areas, ICZM (FFEM, ADF), governance and ecotourism development. Adèle joined the BlueSeeds adventure in May 2019 in order to put her skills to the benefit of BlueSeeds’ development and solutions to improve the efficiency and sustainability of marine conservation.

Guillaume Le Port​

Guillaume holds a master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development from the Institut Catholique de Paris. Initially specialized in economic valuation of ecosystem services provided by coral reefs, he worked for four years in French Polynesia for IFRECOR and CRIOBE research projects, as well as for several international programs (BfN, IUCN). Thereafter, he focused on cost/benefit analysis of marine protected areas, notably through a Pew Charitable Trust project. At the same time, he also supervised a monitoring program for green sea turtle egg-laying sites and taught at the University of French Polynesia. Having joined Vertigo Lab in January 2018, Guillaume has actively worked on the development and structuring of BlueSeeds. Within the consultancy firm, he has worked on several projects related to marine conservation finance.

Auriane Petit ​

Auriane holds a research master’s degree in History of International Relations and a second master’s degree in International Project Management MRIAE from the University Panthéon-Sorbonne Paris 1. Specialised in the historical, socio-economic and cultural issues involved in the creation of a marine protected area (MPA), she has worked for a foundation (Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation), the UNEP Regional Activity Centre (SPA/RAC) in Tunisia and for the association for the sustainable financing of MPAs The MedFund. Auriane joined the BlueSeeds team in July 2019 to develop and test new approaches to conservation and evaluation in a research-action approach.

Nastazia Femmami

Nastazia is a French qualified lawyer, she also holds a Master’s degree in Marine Biology and Conservation (MSc Marine Environmental Management) from the University of York, UK. After three years of experience as a tax lawyer at EY Société d’Avocats in Paris, she decided to start a professional reconversion with the objective of using her experience and skills for the protection of the oceans. As part of her Master’s degree in marine biology, she wrote her final thesis on the development of a management plan for the South Ari Marine Protected Area in the Maldives and completed an internship on coral reefs in the Maldives with the Blue Marine Foundation. Nastazia joined the BlueSeeds team in July 2020 as a Project Officer.

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Timothée COOK

Biologiste marin et écologue de formation, Timothée est titulaire d’un doctorat sur l’écologie des oiseaux marins des Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises. Il travaille pendant cinq ans comme chercheur à l’Université du Cap sur les interactions entre pêcheries et prédateurs marins dans l’upwelling du Benguela. En parallèle, il collabore à d’autres projets comme l’analyse des effets directs du réchauffement climatique sur les oiseaux marins, l’étude de l’écologie des serpents marins de l’Océan Pacifique, ou l’identification d’aires marines de conservation prioritaire dans le Golfe Persique.  De retour en France, Timothée enseigne l’écologie pendant 3 ans à Paris à l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie puis en BTS Gestion et Protection de la Nature à l’EGPN. Il travaille ensuite comme chercheur chez BLOOM, association pour laquelle il étudie le rôle des subventions européennes dans la dégradation des ressources marines des pays du Sud. Timothée intègre l’équipe BlueSeeds en septembre 2020 en tant que chargé de formation.

Timothee COOK

Tim is a marine biologist with a doctorate in ecology from the University of La Rochelle on the ecology of seabirds of the French Southern and Antarctic Territories. He worked for five years at the University of Cape Town on the interactions between fisheries and marine predators in the Benguela upwelling. In parallel, he collaborated on other projects such as the study of the direct effects of global warming on seabirds, the study of sea snake ecology in the Pacific Ocean, or the identification of marine areas of high conservation priority in the Persian Gulf. Back to France, Timothée lectured ecology for 3 years in Paris at the Marie Curie University, then to future wildlife technicians (BTS Gestion et Protection de la Nature at the EGPN). He then worked as a researcher for BLOOM, an NGO where he studied the role of European subsidies in the degradation of marine resources in southern countries. Timothée joined BlueSeeds in September 2020 as a training officer.