The guide on financing mechanisms for marine protected areas

700 millions euros per year: this was the amount of the financing gap of marine protected areas in the Mediterranean compared to the conservation objectives they had for 2020 (Binet et al., 2015). Only 12% of the financial needs of MPAs were covered by their resources.

No wonder why their effectiveness is too often questioned.

Yet, their efficiency has been demonstrated: a well-managed MPA with sufficient funds restores good health to vulnerable ecosystems, while contributing to the ecological transition of a territory.

Drawing on our experience in the field and our multidisciplinary approach, BlueSeeds has, with its partners, developed a practical guide presenting funding mechanisms adapted to MPAs.

This guide thus offers marine conservation actors the opportunity to increase their positive impact. By making it available to everyone free of charge, BlueSeeds hopes to inspire new, lasting initiatives with strong positive ecological, social and economic effects.

Discover the new chapter on funding conservation projects! It is available in English and French.

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