Our Incubator

Entrepreneurship within the realm of marine conservation

With the aim to reconnect marine conservation stakeholders with local communities, we have created our community-based entrepreneurship incubator: the Blue Local Incubator. The first was set up in 2019 on Lastovo island in Croatia, in partnership with WWF-Adria.

The Blue Local Incubator aims to promote the creation of small businesses, making local people active stakeholders in the protection of marine and coastal biodiversity.

The three pillars of the Local Blue Incubator fall under the Blue Economy paradigm:

Offering social and economic benefits to present and future generations, through contributions for improving food security, livelihoods, income, health, security, equity and political stability.

Protecting and preserving diversity, productivity, resilience, essential services and the intrinsic values of marine ecosystems.

Relying on clean technologies, renewable energies and circular economy to sustain economic and social stability over time, whilst remaining within the bounds of only one planet.

Developing a local entrepreneurial spirit!

An innovative tool

Valuing local entrepreneurship

Tailored and shaped to local contexts with the active involvement of local stakeholders

Fostering alternative and environmentally friendly tourism

Promoting the creation of a circular economy between stakeholders, often previously disconnected

Facilitating access to innovative financing mechanisms (micro-credits, impact investing, national and international financial partnerships)

Generating a specific local dynamic, that reaches beyond simple conservation issues, and revitalises neglected communities

Demonstrating effective quantitative and qualitative results measured through the use of specific impact indicators

Offering a new context for greater cooperation and partnerships

The incubated project