A pre-financing mechanism for sustainable small-scale fishing

Although they represent 84% of the fishing fleet in the Mediterranean, artisanal fishermen rarely benefit from European funding. The lack of initial capital, the difficulty in accessing bank loans and the strong need for technical assistance in the constitution of their applications for aid are all obstacles to accessing subsidies. 

With WWF Mediterraneanwe are currently working on the construction of a pre-financing mechanism to provide fishers with initial capital and technical assistance to assist them in their applications for aid from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). 

Phase 0

Preparatory phase
  • Identification of the countries concerned 
  • Definition of specific modalities (work schedule, steps, etc.)
  • Building the network of partners 

Phase 1

Legal study
  • Legal feasibility study of the pre-financing mechanism 
  • Study carried out by a consortium of French, Spanish, Italian and Croatian law firms 
  • Inventory of EMFF procedures in each country 

Phase 2

Testing of the pre-financing mechanism
  • Calls for expression of interest to artisanal fishers
  • Information meetings with the Flags and other stakeholders
  • Deployment of the test phase with selected fishers
  • Evaluation of the results of the test phase

Phase 3

Structuring of the pre-financing mechanism
  • Creation of a permanent pre-financing mechanism to promote the transition of artisanal fishing in the Mediterranean Sea towards more sustainable fishing

Developing a pre-financing mechanism for sustainable small-scale fishing: a necessary tool 

Facilitating access to innovative financing mechanisms  (micro-credits, impact investing, national and international financial partnerships) 

Generating a specific local dynamic, that reaches beyond simple conservation issues, and revitalises neglected communities

Demonstratingeffective quantitative and qualitative resultsmeasured through the use of specific impact indicators