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We are BlueSeeds!

For the past 5 years, economists and scientists have been warning about the lack of funding for conservation in general, and for marine conservation in particular. Several hundred million euros per year is what is missing for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to ensure their effectiveness.

The BlueSeeds project was born in 2018 to help MPA managers fill this financing gap. In 2020, BlueSeeds is a services agency whose mission is to ensure the financial sustainability of conservation projects, and maximize their economic, environmental and social impacts

We are a multidisciplinary team with skills in economics, marine biology, finance, project management, law, international relations and pedagogy. These cross-functional areas of expertise enable us to develop new conservation models.
Our values

We act as intermediaries who connect conservation stakeholders with the economic world. More than just consultants, we work as technical assistants on long term projects, and adapt our tools to the needs of each stakeholder and replicating successful initiatives.


Our team

Many thanks to Nastasia Keurmeur, Clara Barthelemy, Léa Lebechnech and Irene Morelle Rodríguez for their valuable contributions to the BlueSeeds adventure.


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The development of your long term vision with a dedicated action plan

A guaranteed systemic approach, which incorporates environmental, entrepreneurial and social approaches stakes

Our support, which results from a dynamic and continuous learning process and improvement