Setting up visitor fees in a Marine Protected Area

Benefit from a free one-year support programme

BlueSeeds described in its guide on financing mechanisms for MPA managers
(available here: several types
of self-generated revenues that are of interest for Mediterranean MPAs. BlueSeeds
now wishes to support directly MPAs that are willing to implement visitor fees.

The purpose of this call is to develop a support programme for setting up visitor fee
systems in MPAs, starting on 1 st July 2021. Through this programme, we will lead
you, step-by-step, through the different processes resulting in the final
implementation of visitor fees in your MPA.

Support programme - Steps and tools

N.B. The MPA candidate must bear in mind that it will need to provide time and
human resources to the implementation process spanning one year – and beyond,
since once the visitor fee system is in place, it will need to be managed. BlueSeeds
will support the process, but the MPA will be the one carrying out the project.
Selected MPAs will be asked to dedicate an average 5 hours per week to participate
in the support programme.

Application deadline: 23 rd of May, 2021, 12.00 (midnight) Paris time
Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
Programme start date: 1 st July 2021

This support program is part of the Co-Managed No-Take zones/MPAs project conducted in collaboration with :