The mooring management tool

A tool developed with and for mooring zone managers.

BlueMooring enables managers to effectively manage their moorings zones, to collect mooring fees (in option) and communicate more easily with visitors.

This platform is coupled with a web app for boaters and ecotourism professionals. Thanks to this app, they can book a mooring zone and discover the conservation actions carried out on the site.

BlueMooring identified problems specific to mooring zone managers.

Collect data on visits

Monitoring and reporting of the activities of the mooring zones are essentials but difficult to undertake.

The difficulty to communicate with visitors

Visitors are often unaware of restrictions, conduct and navigation rules on the site.

Mooring at the expense of marine conservation

For sensitive marine areas, mooring zones involve a lot of human resources at the expanse of conservation activities.

The tool brings them solutions.

Quick booking for visitors allows boaters and ecotourism professionals to book their mooring zone in advance or at arrival.

A timesaver for mooring management

The optimized interface makes rangers’ work easier (fees collection, interactive map and incident notifications).

Monitoring and reporting

A dashboard helps visualize occupancy of mooring zones and access to real-time booking details.

Communication made easier with visitors

The platform allows managers to communicate on current regulations and raise awareness on their conservation actions.

An option to collect mooring fees

These additional revenues can be used for maintenance, surveillance and conservation activities.

A tool that facilitates accounting offers a clear and accessible interface including booking history and export to suitable formats.

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A first version of the tool is online since July 2021!

The tool was created by BlueSeeds, a company addressing the challenge of insufficient funding for marine conservation. BlueSeeds develops financing solutions and help conservation projects implement them on the field. was the first project to emerge as part of the Incubator project funded by the MAVA Foundation. It notably aims at supporting marine protected areas MPAs in optimizing their sources of income.